How much Google Play Store pay per download?

How much Google Play Store pay per download?

How much Google Play Store pay per download?


  1. How to earn money by uploading app on Google Play Store
  2. How much Google Play Store pay per download
  3. 1 million downloads app revenue
  4. How much money a thousand download app can make

Q. How Much cash will an android Developer Earn From a Free App on the Google Play Store?
A free app, which means there area unit ads in it right?

without ads, a free app will not earn a penny!

So here's the maths for the way abundant you'll earn through AdMob!

1,000 Active users each day = 2$
10,000 Active users each day = 20$
100,000 Active users each day = 200$
1000,000 Active users each day = 2000$
*This is the approx earning report, it had been my experience*

It's regarding what percentage active users your app has, over your downloads.

Q. How much cash will an android developer earn from a free app on the Google Play store?

Depends. without charge apps, you would be mistreatment advertising as your supply of revenue.

It depends on the user base(active users, not downloads), the quantity of your time users pay in your app per day, the connection of advertisements to your target user base, the demographic of your user base(clicks from North American nation, UK, and different developed countries generate a lot of revenue than clicks from countries like India), the kinds of ads(interstitials, banners, etc; all of them have completely different CPC), the revenue model that your ad network uses(CPC, CPM, CPI, etc*).

It all boils right down to eCPM*.

You could earn millions(Angry Birds) to virtually nothing.
About 10-50$ per month is extremely simple to realize.

*CPC - cost(revenue) per click
CPI - value per install
CPM - value per thousand impressions ( of ad)
eCPM - calculable CPM (for a CPI and CPC model). it's a perform of CPI/CPC and also the past magnitude relation of clicks to impressions.
CPC allotted to your ad placements is successively a perform of CTR(click-through rate) for several ad networks.
You should analysis these parameters and also the numerous ad networks in bigger detail if you intend to use advertising as your revenue supply.

Q. On what quantity cash will an android developer earn from a free app on the Google Play store?
How to earn cash from a free android app?

The answer is advertisements. virtually each free app that we tend to use has advertisements.

Q. How much?

Revenue from advertisements depends on tons of thingsa number of that area unit

a) Location of the app users

b) The class of the app

c) Time of the year. Yes, this can be a crucial issue.

The calculation

Developers typically earn between $0.50 - $5 for each a thousand views that a commercial gets. Ads area unit typically revolved each thirty seconds. this implies if a user spends ten minutes in an app that has a commercial in it, the developer earns one thing between $0.01 to $0.10. therefore if the app has a thousand new downloads each day and each user spends ten minutes on the app on the average, the developer earns $10 to $100. conjointly if the app is tight then the returning users are going to be a lot of, suppose there area unit 2000 returning users each day ( in theory, the quantity of returning users can increase over time ). therefore the developer earns $20 - $160 from returning users each daytherefore safely assume that a free android app with a thousand downloads per day can generate a revenue of $20 - $200 each day.

The country-wise revolutions per minute ( revenue per a thousand views ) that get for the past one year.

Revenue per a thousand views vs day of the month

An example of country-wise revolutions per minute

This is from my very own expertise with Google Adsense. This positively can vary for different developers.

Q. On what quantity cash will an android developer earn from a free app on the Google Play store?

An android app developer has some ways to earn cash from a free app on the Google Play Store. App substantiation is exhausted some ways. Users expect that their apps area unit free and aren't willing to get hold of the apps. So, what developers do is offer them a free version of the app and provoke one thing to transfer the additional optionsas an examplewithin the case of games. It happens tons. The gamer gets addict to a specific game and needs to unlock ensuing level however to try to to that, they need to pay and that they do, happily so. this can be evident from the known game Candy Crush wherever users get hold of an additional life.

Another way of earning cash from the mobile app is advertisements. Build user-engaging mobile apps. If your app features a significant variety of holiday makers, then add agencies can approach you otherwise you will approach them yourself. when a user clicks on their ads, you get paid.

Another approach is predicated if you've got a business model and you're providing some style of service from your app. sort of a payment portal like Paytm or PayPal. Or your app is a medium to create purchases for your eating place business or retail business. Avoid mistakes in mobile app development. I actually have seen developers earning up to 100$ a month via advertisements. you've got to stay in mind that ads have a season. Like throughout the Christmas vacations or the other holiday, you may notice a pointy rise in ads. There area unit off-seasons in addition. If you're not a mobile app developer and have an excellent plan, then you'll rent one.

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