Why oneplus buds z not work with Youtube app?

Why oneplus buds z not work with Youtube app?

Why oneplus buds not work with Youtube app?

The OnePlus Buds are an excellent try of actually wireless earbuds given their sub-$100 value purposehowever it seems one thing could also be wrong. Growing user reports show that the OnePlus Buds could have a disconnect issue with the left earbud.

First highlighted by the parents over at mechanical man Police, a growing variety of OnePlus Buds users ar reportage on the OnePlus Forums that their left earbud is at random disconnecting. Why? The cause is unclear, however once it happens the left bud remains silent despite the correct bud continued to figure simply fine.

For some users, an easy disconnect or reset of the Buds or maybe a revive of the connected phone’s Bluetooth radio looks to repair the problemhowever several aren't having success therewith. Rather, they’re being inspired to exchange the Buds beneath warrantee.

According to a minimum of one user, a OnePlus support representative same this is often a hardware defect. If true, which means Any affected users would wish to exchange their hardware instead of looking ahead to an update. In some cases, users have changed their Buds solely to own the problem turn up a second time.

It’s unclear precisely however widespread this issue is or if it additionally affects the OnePlus Buds Z. OnePlus has not publically commented on matters.

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