how can I run a phone with an external battery?

how can I run a phone with an external battery?

how can I run a phone with an external battery?


This idea can solely work with phones or tablets if the battery is removable. Observant polarity is very important, of course. Please watch out to not harm your device through carelessness. If you're unsure of your ability to try this then use an recent mobile to follow with 1st and/or get somebody to assist you. Up to now all the phones I actually have custom-made to external battery, or mains power, have worked absolutely.

Please Note. owing to the wires running from the rear of the phone once bound we have a tendency to merely leave the rear cowl off. The dummy plate is secured at the lowest with a little piece of Prestik to prevent it throwing in the towel of the battery compartment. we have a tendency to did not need to change the rear cowl to accommodate the wires however it may well be done if you wished to however I like to recommend that you just do not unnecessarily harm the rear cowl of a phone, simply leave it off.

External battery power.

Tools required: Multi-meter, soldering iron, little file, Stanley knife, hand tools. Q'bond.

Parts required, single or four row 18650 battery holder, twin-flex, plastic plate and get in touch with strips for dummy battery plate.

My 1st plan was to use a 18650 battery wired up to the + and - terminals within the battery compartment. I Googled this and located one image wherever somebody had twisted 2 wires to the +/- contacts within the battery compartment. This wasn't an honest thanks to do the association therefore I made a decision to create a plastic dummy plate regarding 0.5 the thickness of the battery to suit within the battery compartment and make 2 contact plates cut and formed to align with the +/- contacts and glue them into position.

The plastic dummy plate should be an in depth slot in the battery compartment with the highest corners filed to have interaction beneath the battery locating tabs in order that the plate won't simply pull out at the contact finish. The contact space of the plate ought to be filed away to clear the contacts. I soldered wires to the plates before gluing them. The ends on the plates should be cut and aligned properly with the phone +/- contacts and jutting a metric linear unit on the far side the sting of the plate, then affixed with Q'bond and filler powder or an analogous fast drying adhesive.

A 1.5m length of twin-flex soldered to the 18650 battery holder observant polarity finished the work. Initially victimisation one 18650 cell wasn't a giant enough increase in battery life therefore I joined four cells in parallel which was a giant improvement. Victimisation four rows of four cells during a 4 x cell holder giving sixteen cells would provide regarding thirty two amps and would run a phone for an extended time. Ideal once on a visit with no thanks to charge a phone battery..

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