How does Bitcoin work?

How does Bitcoin work?

How does Bitcoin work?

About Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a popular digital crypto currency which was created in January in the year 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto is widely regarded as the original developer of bitcoin. But the person, who actually created the bitcoin, is still a mystery. Bitcoin offers local transaction fees in online payments. Bitcoin is not provided or owned by any bank or financial institution. It is not authorized by any centralized authority or government. Bitcoin is the earliest crypto currency in the world to be recognized all over the world. Bitcoin is now the world's largest crypto currency. Bitcoin brought revolution in the world of crypto currencies and made crypto currencies famous among the people. Bitcoin is symbolized as BTC ", " ฿ " and " ₿ ".

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Popular events in Bitcoin History:

18th August, 2008

The domain name " " is registered. Bitcoin itself says, " Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. "

31th October, 2008

Satoshi Nakamoto makes an announcement that he is busy in making a cash system which does not depend on any other third party service provider and it was first published in .

9th January, 2009

The first version of the bitcoin software 0.1.0 was launched in the market.

About the developer, Satoshi Nakamoto:

Satoshi Nakamoto is now 46 years old. He was born on 5th April, 1976 in Japan and his nationality is Japanese. Satoshi Nakamoto is a famous name who is mostly regarded as the developer of bitcoin in the field of crypto currencies. He authored the bitcoin white paper and created and implemented the original reference of bitcoin. He was active in the development of bitcoin until December 2010.

Get more informations about the author:

Satoshi Nakamoto from Wikipedia

The Father of Bitcoin: Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Payment through bitcoin:

Receive payment from your customers:

Bitcoin can be used as a form of online payments. Many stores and business owners now accept payments through bitcoin. They are more wishing to take payment via bitcoin. You can see a line " Bitcoin is accepted here " in many stores that means they accept payment through bitcoin. You can easily pay through bitcoin using net banking or scanning the QR code via any UPI apps ( Amazon pay, Google pay etc ) installed on your smartphone. Online businesses easily can receive payments in a form of bitcoin from customers via credit and debit cards or PayPal etc. 

Get paid for your work:

Those who, work as self-employed at home, can easily get paid for their works via bitcoin.

Those above two types of bitcoins offer freelancers to get paid for their works.

It is one type bitcoin which is a part of

It connects together the work seekers and prospective employers via their website.

It sends your payment safely to your payment address.

5. BAT

Basic Attention token shortly called as BAT is a crypto currency which is used by Brave browser to pay it's users. You can download the Brave browser in both mobile and pc and get paid from Brave.

6. Dogecoin

It is often seen in telegram app and used by telegram bot to give you rewards instead of your work.

Want to know about Bitcoin investing:


That is all about bitcoin today. I think this short article will help you a lot to get known about the daily being popular crypto currency among people, bitcoin.

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