How to add yourself on Google Search results?

How to add yourself on Google Search results?

Get started:

So, you can see how I added my name and my informations on Google Search results and Google is now showing me on top of it's search results. You can also bring yourself on Google search results like shown in the pictures. This is actually called " People Card " which lets every Google account users add their basic informations to Google to show themselves on Google's top search queries. Google says that it helps Google to show search results of local people across the globe.

Create your public card:

1. So, let's create your first people card on Google. Once you have made your people card, you can also change the informations later. Go to the website to create your first people card -

2. Before you begin you have to select a name which will represent yourself on Google Search queries. By default when you will create your public card, Google will choose the name associated with your Google account. If you want to change your name, you can do it from here -

3. You can choose a perfect avatar which will show on Google as your profile picture.

4. In the next steps, you have to fill up the following informations -

Location: Add your location so that when any user near your location will search queries on Google, Google will show your people card to them,

About: Add a brief description about yourself to know people about yourself.

Occupation: Choose your occupation.

Hometown: You must add your hometown to allow Google to provide more specific search results and show your people card to more people around you.

Website: Add your website if you have your own website.

Phone: Add your contact number.

Email: Add your Gmail account.

Social Profiles: Add your social media accounts such as - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Work: Add your work information.

Education: Add your education details.

Preview: Click the preview button to view your public card before publishing it.

Note: Fill up all the *required fields before you go to the preview.

Common Question:

Why your people card is not showing on top search queries?

1. You have to choose a unique name for your people card. If you choose such a name which have millions of queries on Google, your people card will not rank on the first page of Google. You can search all the possible names came to your mind and when you will see such a name which is showing only thousands of queries on Google and Google is not providing more informations about the name, you should use that name in your people card.

2. Google will absolutely show your people card if any user near you searches about yourself on Google and GPS is on in his or her smartphone. If GPS is not on, it is not possible to show your people card to the Google users in your location.

3. You must add the social media accounts to your people card because if your social media accounts get good quality traffic, Google will normally show your people card on top search results.

Please remember:

Don't share any sensible information like passwords, account number etc in your people card because it will be visible in the public.


So, you have created your first people card on Google. Now, you can show it to your friends and family and have fun!

If you want to add your local business to Google, you must use the Google My Business app. 

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