How to bring a local shop available online?

How to bring a local shop available online?

How to bring a local shop available online?

People are more likely to shop online than offline:

Now a days, customers are liking more to shop online than before. The reason, which is hidden behind it, is the growth of the e-commerce websites like - Amazon, Walmart etc. In this case if you are a shop owner, you can also bring your shop online and get started selling your products online. Thus, you can earn more and you can also increase the popularity of your shop in your local community. You can even bring a local sweet shop also online.

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Why to go online ?

Today, almost everyone in the world uses internet. So, all of them must have a smartphone or laptop. So, customers now-a-days mostly search for a product on Google before buying it. In this case if they find your products online in a low price with a great discount, they will be more likely to buy it. Thus, you can sell your products in both online and offline. In future, I think the day is no more far when almost every businesses even local shops and small businesses will be available online. So, it is the right time to get registered online with your business. Don't be too late because if you get registered online earlier with your business, it will be more easy for you to compete with the upcoming local business owners. 

Things to remember before you begin:

1. If you are a small business owner, you should only target your local customers and focus to increase engagements of your local area.

2. You should have always good customer support available, thus your customers can contact you.

3. You can use social media to get more engaged with your customers.

4. You should provide your customers to use online payments to pay you via any UPI apps( Amazon pay, Google pay etc ), credit cars, debit cards and net banking.

5. You can also provide your customers EMI options. Thus, your customers will be able to buy your products more easily.

6. If you want to take donations from your customers, you can get registered on Paypal app because you can safely transfer your money to your bank account through Paypal app. It only takes 2 - 5 days to link your bank account with Paypal.

7. You can take surveys on a weekly basis from your customers by asking them some questions about their engagements with your brands and products in Facebook and Whatsapp groups and on Twitter.

8. You should try to sell your products with a profitable discount and make them available in low price. You should also make sure the good quality of your selling goods. Thus, you can attract your customers more.

9. You can use a referral programme to grow your business quickly. You should offer people commissions in return if they help you to sell your products more. Thus, you can sell your products more easily. Do you know Amazon uses afflitiate programme to sell more every year. It is also a referral programme.

10. You should upload high quality images of your products on social media. You can use your camera or smartphone in this case.

11. It will be more better, if you can deliver your products using home delivery in your locality.

12. Get the customer informations ( Such as - phone number, email id ) to stay connected with them with your latest updates.

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Tips to get started:

I will mention about tips and tricks to bring your local business available online. Every steps may not be suitable for you or may not be available on your locality. But, you can follow these steps to boost your revenue in online businesses. At first, I will begin with social media marketing.

Create a Facebook page:

You can create a Facebook page very easily. Thus, you can post images of your products on your page and can get connected with your customers through Messenger. You can also ask questions and take regular surveys from  your customers. You can also get more traffic to your Facebook Page by investing some money on Facebook ads. Don't post more than one post daily in your page else it will cause less traffic problems on your page. Posting 3 - 4 posts weekly can send good traffic to your page from Facebook. You must ensure the good quality of your posts always.

Join Facebook Groups:

If somehow you are not able to create a Facebook Page, you can join Facebook Groups to post your contents. If you already have a Facebook page, you can also join in groups because a lot of group members will be able see your products and they may wish to buy your products online. Don't post more than 10 - 15 contents daily in Facebook groups because Facebook does not support it in it's updated terms and conditions. If you don't follow it, Facebook will decrease the impressions of your posts. Thus, you will not get more traffic to your posts.

Tweet on Twitter:

You can tweet regularly on Twitter. Thus, you can sell your products to a large variety of customers on Twitter. You can run some Twitter ads by investing a little bit of money to grow your Twitter account.

Instagram Business Account:

Your Instagram business account can help you to reach with more customers. You can initially run some Instagram ads on your profile to grow your account.

Create Linkedin Company page:

Linkedin is also a big social media platform. Linkedin is only not used to find jobs. You can create a company page here and get more engagements for your products. You can run some initial ads to boost more traffic on your company page.

Create blog on Tumbler:

You can create a blog on Tumbler and post daily to get more engagements and customers.

Create pins on Pinterest:

You can upload good images of your brands and products on Pinterest because many Pinterest users love to shop online from this app.

Download Whatsapp Business app:

You can download Whatsapp Business app from the Google Play Store. This app registers your whatsapp number as a business account. You can get connected with your customers by regular chats in this app. This app also lets you to receive payments from your customers.

Use Skype in both on your smartphone & pc:

You can use skype in both on your smartphone and pc to regularly participate in daily chats and conversations with your customers. You can also answer your customer queries via Skype video calls.

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Register on Google My Business:

You can register your business online with Google My Business. If any one searches on Google " Grocery shop near me " and if you have a grocery shop and if you are registered in Google My Business, Google will show your shop' location on it's top search results.

Make a website:

It is a very popular way to promote your business by making your own website. It is very simple and all that you have to do is to register a domain and purchase a good web hosting. 

I have also an e-commerce website. Check here

If you don't want to purchase any web hosting, you can make your website on

You can also make a good e-commerce website on

If you want to start a free e-commerce website, you can use Google sites.

If you don't know how to make a website, you can take help from the freelancers in return of some money. I think they will make a good website for you in just 5 - 10 dollars.

When you are making a website, you should consider about those points below -

1. Register your customers with email id or you can directly use Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple sign in button for user sign in. Thus, you can collect the user data to send them regular notifications through Email.

2. Add a social media widget for your customers to follow you on social media.

3. Add live chat options with your customers by Whatsapp, Messenger and Skype.

4. Integrate the Paypal button on your site to get donations from your customers.

5. You must choose a attractive and responsive these for the best UI designs on your site to make your website user friendly.

6. You have to submit your website in Google Search Console. If you live in USA and Canada, you can also submit your website in Bing Webmaster Tools.

Run Google ads campaign:

You can target a specific region ( your city or your local area ) and invest in Google ads to run campaign to promote your website to your targeted audience on Google search results in a certain region only in your locality. If your website is on Bing, alternatively you can take help of Microsoft advertisements to promote your wesite.

Publish your own app:

If you have already a website, it is not so much difficult to make an android or ios app of it. You can make a free have and publish in both Google Play store and Apple app store. Thus, your customers can connect with your business very easily.

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Conclusion at the end:

A good strategy gives you success in life.  I hope those 13 points which I mentioned above will help you more to be successful in your online business and motive you to start an online business soon.

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