How to check if a file has a virus before downloading?

How to check if a file has a virus before downloading?

How to check if a file has a virus before downloading?

Do you want to know how to check a file has a virus before downloading? Continue with us throughout the whole article.

Common Problems:

1. External Source apps download

We often need to download some apps from external sources which are not listed or published in play store. When we download any apps, we can trust it well because Google Play verifies every apps with Google Play Protect security before publishing it in the play store. But the external apps, which you download from any websites or other external sources, can harm both your smartphone and computer. Hackers and spammers may hack or damage your device's hardware. They can use your stolen data for unauthorized activities. So when we have to download any apps from the external sources, we really fall in riddle and can't solve that we should download the app or not.

2. Large file download in Google Drive

When you try to download any file from Google Drive, Google automatically scans that that file for your security if that file is less than 100 MB. But, Google can't automatically scan any file uploaded on Google Drive if the file size is greater than 100 MB. So, hackers and spammers may upload any risky file which is more than 100 MB and send you to download the file because they know that Google can't completely scan this file for you. So, that may be a risky move for your device to download this type of large files without virus scan.

3. Want to scan mysterious files

We often download many type of files ( images, videos, pdf file, aia file, exe file, movies, songs etc ) daily and store it in our device's hardware and we often forget to scan. But, scanning is very important before downloading those files. Especially, I shall suggest not to download movies from unknown website because most of the websites upload risky files. Instead of it, you can watch movies on your smartphone or computer with a good broadband connection at home and it is much safer for your device.

4. App rejection on any app stores

Many times, the app stores reject your apps and decline your apps to publish in their app stores. In this case, it is necessary to check your app with a good virus scanner if it really contains virus or not. Virus may be found on your app if you implement any third party code on your app. But, I have seen that most of the Chinese app stores ( Such as - Xiaomi Get apps, Huawei App Gallery etc ) reject your app without any proper reason and they show a meaningless reason for your app like your app contains virus. Those Chinese app stores are not much believable and Google Play Store is much better destination to publish your app.

Best solution to find any type of viruses:

There are many virus scanner softwares and apps available to scan and check viruses. But, I have the  solution of this problem for you. The best solution of this problem is This website has three options to scan your file and provides you the following features below -

1. File Scan -

You can check any files in your device if that is already downloaded in your device and you want to check if it is spammy or not.

2. URL Scan-

You can directly scan the file before downloading it. You have to only put the URL of the site from where you are downloading the file and it will scan the file for you.

3. Search Scan -

You can scan URL, IP address, domain and file hash in this method. You can also know if a website is secure for your device or it contains any harmful material that can effect badly on your device by just searching the website address in the search scan.

Benefits of using this website:

1. You can scan any type of files in this website. It accepts every type of files and it can scan any type of files for you just within a few seconds.

2. You can test any file before downloading it. In this case, you can take help of URL scan and search scan.

3. This website checks your files perfectly by atleast 62 popular security vendors such as - Avast, Malwarebytes, McAfee, Maxsecure etc.

4. This website is free to use. Though it has premium plan also, the free plan is sufficient for your use.

5. This website has it's browser extension which you can download for your browser and use it on desktop. This browser extension will scan any type of files automatically when you will download it. Currently, this browser extension is only available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browser. Download the browser extension from here - .

6. If this website shows this message for your website that no security vendors flagged this file as malicious, you can make it sure then that this file is safe to download in your device.


I will suggest you to download the browser extension on your browser in desktop because it will automatically scan all type of files and you will not have to scan the files manually all the time. You have to pin the browser extension after downloading it on your browser in the desktop to activate it.

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