How to connect WiFi without password ?

How to connect WiFi without password ?


How to connect WiFi without password ?

We often wish to connect our mobile network to wi-fi or other's mobile hotspot. There are a lot of reasons behind this -

1. We want to save our data.

2. Some downloads and updates need a large amount of mobile data which can slow down your internet speed and exhaust your data. So, connecting to wi-fi in this situation is useful.

3. We often want to take the advantage of unlimited internet while watching movies and web-series.

4. We often want to connect with a high-speed public internet.

5. We can connect to the public internet services which are always free to use.

How to connect hotspot without password in mobile and laptop ?

We often notice the available wi-fi or mobile hotspot networks of our neighbours in our mobile or pc screen when the wi-fi is turned on in our device. If it is a private network ( Private means it is not owned by any government offices, school campuses, colleges. Simply, it is a mobile hotspot or it is a broadband connection which is owned by any specific person and he or she only uses it for home internet supplies. ), you can't get access with it until you know the password. Your phone will not be connected to the internet service provider until you give the right password. I want to make clear you one thing that the wi-fi password is always protected by the device which one is using and you can't know the password until you check his device or simply he tells you. Otherwise, you can't track the password anyway. If anyone claims you that he can do the job, he is simply making you a fool.

 But, Don't worry and keep patience because I have something special for you. You can get access to the public and government wi-fi networks at free of cost and can enjoy high-speed unlimited internet surfing. The public wi-fi networks are free to use and you can get it's password always available for your mobile or pc. You have to just download one app - " Free WiFi Passwords & Hotspots by Instabridge ". 

Download links:

1. Download for android

2. Download for iphone

Features in this app:

1. This app has over 50 million downloads in Google Play Store.

2. Once you have installed in this app, you have to simply sign in and give it access to your location.

3. After turning on the GPS, it will find all the public wi-fi networks near you in the map. 

4. It knows over 10 million public wi-fi passwords. Once you know the password, you can easily connect your mobile to the public wi-fi services. You can also connect to the public internet service provider in your laptop just in one tap in your smartphone and without installing this app in your smartphone.

5. But if you are in a rural area or now staying out of town, it isn't possible to get connected with any public wi-fi network. Because, probably there will not be any public wi-fi networks available. So, the app will not able to find any wi-fi network for you.

6. This app will help most to those persons who often travels from one place to another. Because when we travel from one place to another, we often don't know which network is available there in those areas. In case, it will help us by finding the available local networks.

Additional Features:

1. This app additionally have a very beautiful free ad-blocker browser. It also shows Saved data, Saved loading time and Blocked ads in it's browser front page. Google search engine is set as default search engine in this browser. Wikipedia, Instagram, You tube and other some websites are manually added in this browser. This browser is really good for blocking all types of disgusting ads and safe search online. But, I always prefer my users Brave Browser, the best ad-blocker browser in the world and five times faster than Chrome also.

2. This app has a VPN also which is not free but you can enjoy it for a limited time by watching some free ads. I always suggest my users to download Thunder VPN as the best free VPN app.


So, now enjoy your day with free mobile internet and get connected to free public networks. And one thing I am again telling you that never try to know the password of any private network or mobile hotspot because it is simply impossible without the user's permission.


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