How to earn money from Brave browser?

How to earn money from Brave browser?

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Do you want to make money from browser? Yes, I am talking about Brave browser which pays you for watching ads. You can earn up to $5 per month from Brave browser by watching ads. So, we shall discuss today about how to earn money from Brave browser.

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How Brave browser pays:

1. Brave sends you ads in notification in your smartphone or computer. You have to open the ads and watch it for a minimum of 10 seconds. After watching the ads, you will get your rewards and you can close the ads. Thus, you can get paid for spending only 10 - 15 seconds for each ads and you can watch up to 5 ads per hour.

2. Brave not only pays for watching ads but also pays for the images which are shown on it's home screen.

3. Brave pays all it's users monthly in bitcoin cryptocurrency BAT (Basic Attention Token). You can check the value of BAT in Google and convert it in USD.

Watch videos:

1. Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge vs Brave

2. This is Brave.

3. How to earn money from Brave?

Why you should definitely use Brave browser:

1. Brave is the world's best browser in ads and trackers blocking. It blocks all the ads on a website and loads the site more faster and shows only the main content.

2. It is 5 times more faster than your normal browser like Google Chrome. You can check it's speed by using it.

3. It supports all the extensions of Google Chrome in desktop.

4. It is compatible for all your devices like - smartphone, iphone, tablet and desktop.

5. It blocks all the trackers on the sites you enter and keeps our privacy safe.

6. It every time shows you the list of ads and trackers which it blocks on the site.

7. It automatically upgrades http connection to https. It even blocks Google to track you.

8. It uses less ram on your device and loads the website more faster.

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Download Brave browser:

1. Download for windows

2. Download for android

3. Download for iphone


So, You can now earn from your browser with your searches. Brave is also going to launch there new search engine called as Brave search. Brave says, "There new search engine does not track you and respects your privacy.

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