How to earn money from you tube shorts?

How to earn money from you tube shorts?

How to earn money from you tube shorts?

TikTok's vast popularity in last few years:

We have seen that short video apps like TikTok became socially very popular all over the world and it receives a great attention from a large audience around the world. Though it has received several threats of ban from countries like India (Indian government banned it in 2020) and USA (USA stated different times to ban TikTok in their country, but it now seems safe in USA). But, You tube and Instagram started to think about short videos to publish in their platforms also to make You tube and Instagram more popular among people after seeing the fast rising of TikTok in the world. As a result, You tube launched short videos and Instagram launched reels.

Benefits of You tube shorts:

1. You tube shorts are nowadays getting more views compared to large videos and even it gets views in millions.

2. You tube is more promoting short videos than larger videos. You tube has now also given a short icon to only watch short videos on You tube app. 

3. It is easy to upload on You tube. Where long videos take several times to upload on You tube, shorts take less than one minute to upload on You tube app.

4. You tube has given an option to upload short videos on You tube and has given access to many free to use copyright songs to make shorts.

5.  Users are more interactive and want to spend more time on short videos because users don't feel bore while watching a short video because it takes less time completely watch.

6. It is now more easy to complete 4000 hours watch time and and monetize your you tube channel with shorts.

How to viral shorts:

1. You can create a new channel only for uploading shorts. But if you have an old channel, you can also upload shorts on your old channel. You will absolutely get views.

2. You must upload shorts regularly on your You tube channel. I think that uploading one video in a day is sufficient. Though there is no limit of uploading shorts on You tube, your every videos will not go viral if you upload several videos on You tube. Only, one of the videos have chance to be viral.

3. You tube has not clearly specified any time duration of the short videos. But, the videos with less than 1 minute watch time is considered as shorts. Though, 10 - 20 seconds is the right time duration of short videos.

4. You should choose a short title in 30 - 35 letters for your shorts and must include these four keywords to make your shorts viral on You tube - #short, #shortvideo, #youtubeshort, #firstshortvideo.

5. You have to leave your description empty because users don't check description box in short videos.

6. You tube itself says not to use any tags in short videos because You tube will automatically rank your shorts.

7. There is also a benefit of short videos that is you don't have to select any high quality image for your shorts because most of the You tube shorts rank without any good quality thumbnail as people want to interact with the shorts itself. But if you don't upload a good quality thumbnail for your long videos, people will not click and watch your videos and You tube will not count your watch time. So, it is quite easy making short videos in comparison with larger videos.

After following all the steps, you are all set for making short videos. Now, You tube will automatically rank your short videos.

Can I get copyright claim on my short videos?

Copyright issues is not issued by You tube itself. It is issued by the government according to copyright act law and You must regulate government's terms and policies. So, if you use any movie scenes or copyright songs on your video, you will definately get copyright claim. You tube gives you access to it's freely available copyright free music library to make or upload short videos on your smartphone or computer. You can use those free musics for your shorts from You tube music library.

Monetize your You tube channel:

I must include that it has been now more easy to monetize your You tube channel because of You tube shorts. So, let's start monetize your You tube channel and earn money.

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