How to get back uninstalled apps on Android?

How to get back uninstalled apps on Android?

How to get back uninstalled apps on Android?


With over one and half million apps and games offered on Google Play as of 2015, android users usually install lots of applications simply to uninstall them at some purpose (usually discovering that they do not actually need them). However what is there to try if you happen to need an uninstalled app or game back, and you cannot bear in mind its name? Well, Google enables you to simply scrutinize a listing that contains all of your uninstalled titles, aboard the put in ones. This list additionally includes apps that you simply had put in on older devices (assuming that you simply were mistreatment a similar Google account that you are signed in now in your device).

How to get back uninstalled apps on Android -
  1. Open "Google Play Store" in your smartphone.
  2. Click on the "menu" icon where your email account is showing at the top right corner beside the voice search box.
  3. Then go to "Manage apps & device" showing at the top.
  4. Then click on the "Manage" option.
  5. Then click on the "Installed" option and choose the "Not installed" option. Then, it will show all the uninstalled apps in your device. If you are signed in with one email id in multiple devices, it will also show those apps which are not installed in that device but is installed in your another device.


Taping on any uninstalled app leads you to its Google Play page, from wherever you'll put in it. If you now not need any uninstalled app to keep in the list, you'll be able to simply take away it by tape on the " X " that you simply can see in its higher right corner.


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