How to make an APK in Android Studio ?

How to make an APK in Android Studio ?

How to make an APK in Android Studio ?

Preface :

Android Studio is a software which is used to make different types of apps in both Java and Kotlin programming languages. Just, download the " Android Studio " and set up it in your pc or laptop. Then, start making your own apk with those following steps below. Download " Android Studio " from the link given below -

Android Studio Download Link

Steps to perform :

Publishable APK files dissent from another APK files. You would like to create certain your android app contains a publishable APK file if you hope to publish your app within the Google Play Store. You’ll be stunned to search out that making a publishable APK file isn’t terribly sophisticatedSimply follow these instructions:

1. Make sure you have got ready your code for the Google Play Store.

2. In Android Studio’s main menu, select Build → Generate Signed APK.

3. The Generate Signed APK panel will be visible . This panel contains a drop-down list during which you choose one amongst your project’s modules.
  1. How to make an APK in Android Studio ?
    Generate Signed APK panel
  2. 4. Click Next to move forward .

    As a result, another Generate Signed APK panel seems. This box will show you a Key Store Path field.

    How to make an APK in Android Studio ?
    Key Store Path Field

    In what follows, it’s assumed that you just haven’t created any key store still now. (If you’ve created one, you’ll recognize that you just did.)

  3. 5. Click the Create New button to move forward .

    As a result, a New Key Store dialog panel opens.

  4. Choose the file name and a specific folder in your storage to save your key store. Place the complete path name (the location and filename) of the new key store within the dialog box’s Key Store Path field.

    See the primary field below. A key store file was created and named android.jks. The new file was placed in a directory named /Users/barryburd/keystores. (In the file name android.jks, the extension .jks stands for Java key store.) As you publish a lot of apps, you’ll most likely use this key store to sign alternative projects’ APK files.

    How to make an APK in Android Studio ?
    The New Key Store panel

    Signing all of your android comes with identical key's a awfully smart planAndroid treats the key as a sort of fingerprint, and 2 apps with identical fingerprint are often trusty to speak with each otheronce 2 apps have identical key, you'll be able to simply get these apps to assist each other out.

    Android Studio’s New Key Store panel won’t produce a directory for you. If you choose  /Users/myUserName/keystores/ one thing .jks within the Key Store Path field, you want to have a /Users/myUserName/keystores directory before you click OK.

    At now, it helps you to make sure about the distinction between a key store file and one key. A key's what you employ to digitally sign your android app. A key store file may be a place to store one or a lot of keys. That’s why you offer 2 passwords — one for the new key store file, and another for the key that you’ll be fixing the key store file.

  5. 6. Enter a unique password in the given box and confirm it.

  6. 7. Type a name within the Alias field.

    Avoid blank areas and punctuation. If you ever produce a second key with a second alias, confirm that the second alias is totally different from the primary alias .

  7. 8. Select the validity period (25 years) of your project. You can also choose any other number.

    In the Certificate section, fill all the necessary six fields. When you finish, you must click " OK " below at the right side .As a result, the Generate Signed APK panel will reappear in your computer screen. This time, many of the box’s fields are filled in for you. Now, you have to click " Next " to proceed forward shown in the below image.

  8. How to make an APK in Android Studio ?
    Creating your APK

    9. In this final Generate Signed APK panel, you must choose a specific file folder to save your apk in your computer storage. Also, make sure that " release " is selected in the " Build Type " list.

    How to make an APK in Android Studio ?
    Your APK is going to create

    10. Select the " Finish " button to complete creating your APK .Android Studio offers to open the folder containing your shiny, new APK file. That’s great! Open the folder, and stare proudly at your work. If Android Studio opens a folder, and you don’t see an APK file in the folder, your operating system might be hiding things such as the letters APK at the ends of filenames.

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