How to sell mobile data and earn money?

How to sell mobile data and earn money?

Why to sell mobile data?

Today I shall give you lesson about how how to sell mobile data and earn money. Do you want to earn money by selling your mobile data? Today we all use a lot of mobile data in our smartphone and desktops. But, we can't exhaust all the data in our smartphone or desktop. You can sell the saved mobile data and earn a good amount of money in exchange of it.

How to sell mobile data?

1. You have to go to this website -

2. After opening the website, you will be rewarded $5.

3. Now you have to make an account in Honeygain. You can sign up with your Google account and Facebook account. You can also sign up normally with your email account and password. The password must be of 8 characters.

4. After making an account in Honeygain, the rewarded $5 bonus will be added in your Honeygain account.

5. Now, you have to download the Honeygain app in your any device. The Honeygain app is compatible for the following devices - Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux.

6. After installing the app, you have to log in with your Honeygain account inside the app.

7. Now you have to give access to the app to use your data. You can also set the monthly mobile data limit inside the app. You can always change all the things in the app settings later.

Watch how the app works:

The earning depends on:

Honeygain can be one of the best source of passive income for you. But, the earning in Honeygain depends on some factors - 

1.Your location

Your earnings depend on the traffic demand of mobile data required for the business clients in your location.

2. Network & Ping speed

A network speed of greater than 50 Mbps and a ping speed of less than 50 ms give you more earning opportunity in return of your data.


You will find a referral link in the app. You can earn more by sharing the referral link with your friends and family.

Is Honeygain safe?

We have tested the apk of this app before referring it to you. We have not got any risky code or virus in the apk of this app. You can check the test result here - Check here.

But further if you use any smartphone at your home for online banking or online payment, you can install this app in any other device.

How it uses your mobile data?

Many businesses and companies need mobile data for their work. Honeygain sells them your mobile data and they paid Honeygain in return of your mobile data. Honeygain pays you a good amount of money because they mostly sell your mobile data to the western countries.


Once you have earned $20, Honeygain gives you your payment. After withdrawing your $20, you can sign out and sign in again with a new Honeygain account. Thus, you will get $5 bonus again.

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