How to take screenshot in pc or laptop?

How to take screenshot in pc or laptop?

How to take screenshot in pc or laptop?

- How to take screenshot in pc & laptop?

We all love taking screenshots in mobile today in this modern age. Screenshot has become a different and useful type of capturing photographs on the mobile screen today. But why shall we still capture screenshots only in the mobile. While it is also available in pc and laptop also. Today I shall teach you how to take screenshot in pc & laptop in a very simple way . Yes, there are many ways to take screenshots in pc or laptops. But, I will teach you the most easiest method of taking screenshots. Yes, it is the most easiest method of taking screenshots by only using " Microsoft Paint " app.  Can you recognize the paint app which we used to paint in the computer screen in our childhood ?

You have to perform these following steps below -

1. At first, you have to select a computer screen of which you want to take screenshot and then open the computer screen. You are looking I have already selected a screen below of which I will take screenshot.

How to take screenshot in pc & laptop?

2. You have to now type the " prt sc " key on your laptop keyboard or the "PrintScreenSysRq" key on your pc keyboard. That will take screenshot of your computer screen or you can simply say that you have copied your computer screen successfully. In the next steps, we shall learn how to save the screenshot in your computer storage.

3. Now, you have to open the " Microsoft Paint" app in your pc or laptop. 

How to take screenshot in pc & laptop?

4. Now, you have to press " ctrl + v " key together on your keyboard or you have to just simply right click in the " Paste " box shown in the above image. Now, the copied image will show in " M S Paint " app. The image is showing small in the above picture because I have set the zoom percentage in 50 % which you can see in the below right corner of the above image. If I set it in 100 % , it will show through out the entire screen.

5. You can also edit the screenshot by drawing circle or rectengle like the above image. You can edit the image as you like.

6. When your editing will complete, you have to do the following steps to save the image in your computer memory - File > Save as.

7. Now, you have to enter a name of the file which you want to save in your computer and when you are ready, just click the save button.

Thus, you can save screenshot in your computer memory.


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