How to use Fingerprint & Facelock in your pc?

How to use Fingerprint & Facelock in your pc?

How to use Fingerprint & Facelock in your pc?

We often use fingerprint and facelock to unlock our mobile screen in our smartphone today. But, many few people from us know that we can also use these two popular features in pc or laptops. So, today I shall share with you about my idea of how to use fingerprint & facelock in your pc. It is not a difficult task to unlock your pc with fingerprint and facelock. I will not tell you to install any app in your pc, I will just simply give you some tips to use the settings app on your pc to unlock your computer screen with fingerprint and facelock instead of password in your pc. So, let's start today's journey.


I am performing all these steps in my Windows 10 laptop. So if you are using any other operating system in your laptop, my steps may not match with your pc or laptop.

Steps to perform:

You have to simply follow those simple steps which I will now mention in the article.

1. You have to open the " Settings " app in your pc.

2. Now, you have to click on the " Accounts " menu from the settings app in your pc.

3. Now, you have to choose " Sign-in options " under accounts menu.

4. Now, you will see there a lot of options to choose before you log in to Windows 10. From those, we have to choose " Windows Hello Face " or " Windows Hello Fingerprint ".

5. " Windows Hello Face " is the option to setup facelock in your pc to log in to Windows 10.

6. " Windows Hello Fingerprint " is the option to setup fingerprint in your pc to log in to Windows 10.

7. If you are seeing this error message " This option is currently unavailable - click to learn more " under " Windows Hello Face " or " Windows Hello Fingerprint " options in your pc, that means your pc isn't compatible with these two features. 

8. The possible reason for those features being unavailable in your pc may be - you are using an old version of pc where Windows 10' these two new features are not supported or these two features are only available for the computers which are priced higher than your pc or you are still using the old version of Windows 10.

9. If your pc is atleast six months old, I think you will able to use Windows 10' these two latest functions. But if you are still facing problems to use those features in your pc for Windows 10' these two new features not being suitable for your pc, simply you don't have to be worried. You can use the " Security Key " and " Password " options instead of those or you may take the help of any facelock or fingerprint app by downloading it in your Windows 10 pc.

Thus you can easily set fingerprint and face lock in your pc.

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