Most downloaded app on Play Store 2021

Most downloaded app on Play Store 2021

Most downloaded app on Play Store 2021

Without context, the foremost downloaded apps of 2021 to date could look a small amount shocking. 2020 definitely saw its fair proportion of curve balls. with reference to each business and sector was compact by the year’s events, together with app downloads and this in fact has carried over into 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the foremost widespread apps of the year. But, selling hasn’t stopped, and if you wish to continue your mobile selling campaigns, it is vital to know that apps area unit dominating the market. so as to optimize campaigns, it's essential to grasp what your target audience's on-line behavior is and what area unit the most effective channels to attach with them.

Let’s take a glance at this most downloaded apps of 2021 within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. confine mind that bound apps that area unit growing quick (like Clubhouse) aren't on this list as a result of they're just for iPhone users and thus not as wide downloaded.

Top Nine Most Downloaded Apps of 2021

1. TikTok

It’s no surprise that TikTok is one in every of the foremost downloaded apps of 2021. By Gregorian calendar month of last year, the app had accumulated over a pair of billion downloads overall globally. ab initio this app was seen as a information Z area solely, however it's skilled an inflow of latest users thanks to world-wide internment measures.

As a lot of users area unit stuck reception and on their phones, they’re trying to find new ways that to entertain themselves. Social media users area unit already interested in video, and after you mix that with TikTok’s intelligent formula, you produce a virtually irresistible app for users.

This data point is nice news for marketers as TikTok selling opportunities area unit growing, from making organic content to paid TikTok Ads.

2. Facebook

As the darling app within the entire world, it's no surprise that Facebook is one in every of the foremost widespread apps of 2021. Facebook has been particularly helpful throughout now once individuals wished to attach and keep in grips.

Facebook is systematically within the prime nine Apps within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. consistent with Statista, it's the foremost widespread app publisher world wide, supported downloads. The Facebook family includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook courier. Facebook Advertising and selling area unit 2 important activities for marketers.

3. Instagram

Rounding out the Facebook family is Instagram. This icon and video sharing app is one in every of the foremost widespread apps among information Z and Millennials. Although this app likes to stay their stats covert, it's truthful to assume that thanks to its quality and unmoving standing within the app stores, it's sure as shooting preserved its quality in 2021.

Instagram is particularly helpful once it involves selling. consistent with Statista, brands uploaded a median of zero.7 posts to the social platform each day in 2018. Between IGTV, Instagram Lives, and Instagram Stories, the app provides lots of opportunities for marketers to interact with their audience.

In Summer of 2020, Instagram proclaimed their newest feature, Reels, that is in direct competition with TikTok. it'll be fascinating to examine however this feature evolves over time and impacts downloads.

4. WhatsApp

Speaking of keeping in grips, a good share of social media apps conjointly skilled continuing downloads in 2021. WhatsApp has around a pair of billion users globally.

While WhatsApp might not be as widespread within the us, it's the leading electronic messaging app across the remainder of the world. It provides opportunities for businesses to stay involved with their shoppers and customers through customized messages, special offers and a lot of. There area unit several fascinating selling opportunities with WhatsApp as WhatsApp selling continues to grow.

5. Telegram

Another widespread messaging app is message, a free app with concerning five hundred million active monthly users ,which can be wont to send photos, videos, and differing kinds of documents additionally to regular messages.

Telegram supports mentions, hashtags, and has cross platform accessibility, creating it convenient for businesses and huge organizations. It conjointly makes it doable to make teams of up to two lakhs and to make each personal and public channels, that you'll invite your customers to affix. This provides a spread of promoting opportunities as you'll share pictures and data concerning new product or services, give links to landing pages, produce a chatbot to answer client queries, etc.

6. Zoom

This app, together with a number of video conferencing apps, was positively one in every of the foremost prosperous apps of the past year. In Gregorian calendar month 2020, Zoom reported over three hundred million daily participants and therefore the app featured thirty eight million downloads in January 2021 alone.

This boom is directly coupled to the COVID-19 crisis. As several users across the world had to continue functioning from home, they used Zoom as their video-conferencing app of alternative. Zoom permits users to conduct video concerns business or for keeping in grips with worshipped ones.

7. Snapchat

Snapchat has been downloaded run over two hundred million times and is particularly fashionable a young demographic of individuals thirty four and underneath, notably within the us.

Snapchat will be used each for fun and for business because it incorporates a feature known as Instant produce that permits you to quickly and simply create ads so share them supported location so as to create positive they're seen by your target demographic. during this manner, Snapchat will be a helpful selling tool

8. Messenger

Like WhatsApp and Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger is another influential person and consistent favorite within the app store. in contrast to WhatsApp, courier is extremely widespread within the us and is predicted to achieve a pair of.4 billion users in 2021.

Like several of the opposite apps on this list, Facebook Messenger will be used effectively for each personal and skilled communication. whether or not sharing photos with friends or sharing a brand new product or service with followers, this app permits you to achieve your audience quickly and simply.

9. MX TakaTak

TakaTak is another video sharing app from India that permits you to will produce your own videos, see what is trending at a given time, and look for videos on topics that interest you.

Although this app is primarily employed in India, it will support content in English, creating it doable for international brands and influencers to urge concerned. It conjointly get has concerning nine million daily users and concerning forty five million monthly users.


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