Why doesn't my Google Play app get downloads?

Why doesn't my Google Play app get downloads?

Why doesn't my Google Play app get downloads?

So you’ve finally launched your 1st mobile application.

It’s a giant accomplishment.

You should be happy with all the exertions, effort, and cash you place in whereas finishing this method.

Now that you simply free your app on the Google Play Store, you'll simply sit back, relax, and watch your app rise to the highest of the charts – right?


If you would like your app to truly build cash, that I’m forward you are doing, you’ll ought to get downloads.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing a colossal surge of downloads directly.

As associate knowledgeable during this area, I will provide you with some tips for the way to urge downloads quick.

Follow my guide, and you’ll get on your thanks to one,000 downloads quicker than you ever thought was potential.

Just because your app didn’t have the initial success that you simply thought it'd, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to enter panic mode or do something forceful.

I’ve steered you within the right direction after I explained the way to get downloads on the Apple App Store, and currently I’m reaching to do constant for the Google Play Store.

Here’s what you would like to understand if you would like to achieve success and the way to extend app downloads in Google Play Store.

1. Ensure quality 1st

Think of your app sort of a product or service.

Nobody needs to use one thing if there’s a {better|the next} quality different at associate equal or better worth purpose.

So don’t do once you’re bobbing up with the thought and style.

It prices extra money for golem to determine long-run loyal users.

This is vital info to understand once considering quality.


Because supported this info, it’s safe to mention that users on it software system care even a lot of concerning quality.

Sure, it's going to price a lot of to accumulate and retain them ab initio, however you'll find yourself obtaining a far higher come on this investment if your quality outperforms the competition.

Your app must be the simplest version that it will probably be.

Always attempt to create enhancements and fix any bugs that would impair the user expertise.

Quality speaks for itself.

If you determine a superior app, the remainder of those tips are even easier for you to follow and incorporate into your promoting set up.

2. Join communities with different app developers

There’s nothing wrong with taking recommendation or obtaining facilitate from your peers.

Being a part of this community means that I will chat with my peers and acquire recommendation.

Don’t check up on everybody in your trade as a contestant.

Just because you’re consulting with somebody who additionally has associate app on the Google Play Store, it doesn’t mean that you simply each can’t facilitate one another out.

Depending on the practicality of your app, it's going to have completely nothing to try and do with the target market of somebody else in a very bound community.

So take the recommendation from those who paved the means and already had success during this area.

With time, perhaps you'll come the favor and facilitate different developers by sharing a number of your insights to success.

A community that’s directly associated with obtaining downloads is that the Mobile Growth Organization.

Users on this discussion board have useful recommendations on obtaining downloads for your new mobile app.

Consider connecting this community as a useful resource.

You can additionally get some consultants to critique your app.

This goes back to what we have a tendency to mentioned earlier concerning quality.

Users who transfer your app might not provide you with any feedback if they’re not proud of your app’s performance.

They’ll merely travel and delete it or simply not use it.

But if you talk over with somebody in your community, they will assist you build changes to boost the standard and performance.
Do beta testing

Let’s take the thought of critiquing performance one step additional.

3. Beta testing could be a good way to accomplish this

It’s additionally vital to try and do this once you’re attempting to match completely different versions of your software package.

Before you unharness associate updated version, certify that it runs swimmingly by obtaining beta testers to undertake it out.

Here’s a tip to contemplate once searching for beta users.

Don’t supply all of them from one location.

Use completely different platforms to urge a spread of testers to avoid bias.

While testing is vital, nothing is ideal.

You don’t wish to waste an excessive amount of time and cash on these tests.

Set up a non-public community board wherever all of your testers will discuss the app amongst themselves and supply feedback on to you.

These discussions mustn't be created for public viewing.

So do no matter it takes to unfold the word.

If your app is associate extension of associate already existing company, use all of these promoting channels to create your existing client base alert to your newest feature.

Companies that have a physical brick associated mortar location will host a happening and provides away some free dish or brewage to relinquish folks an incentive to indicate up.

If you’re associate ecommerce web site or your business doesn’t have a physical address, no problem.

You can still host a happening by dealing out area at a building or different venue.

4. Just certify it’s relevant to your Brand.

For example, if you’re marketing skateboard instrumentation on-line, it doesn’t add up to host your event in MN throughout the winter.

But giving for free free merchandise throughout boardwalks in Southern Calif. could be a viable promoting strategy to unfold the word.
Stay active on social media platforms

Again, if your app is for associate existing business, you almost certainly have social profiles already established.

Use those channels to tell your followers concerning the app.

For those of you who created a totally new business together with your app, you’ll ought to build social media profiles directly.


All of those are completely essential to assist unfold the word for your company.

There are billions of active monthly users across these completely different social channels.

Target early adopters by promoting on websites and magazines

There are such a big amount of folks out there who invariably wish consequent best piece of technology.

Those folks understand the most recent laptop, phone, or during this case, mobile application, before it’s even free to the general public.

Go after those folks.

5. Understand however Google Play Store optimisation works

Think about your web site.

There are bound stuff you will do to raise your Google search page ranking.

Well, constant goes for your mobile app.

You can position yourself to be prime search result for users who are searching for one thing in a very specific class.

One of stuff you ought to think about once building your company’s first app is that the name.

You should be doing keyword analysis on the name.

What will folks look for that would say your app?

Try to incorporate those keywords somewhere within the title.

If you’ve already been through this after you launched on the Apple App Store, take a glance at a number of the key variations between every platform.

One of the most important variations here is that the keyword field.

Instead of exploitation keywords to show your app by class, just like the App Store, the Google Play Store provides you a chance to blood type long description of your app.

Make sure your description is crammed with keywords, however don’t go too over the highest.

It must be written in human terms while not sounding too click baity – so tread rigorously.

So focus on:

Description (including keywords)

Once your app is launched, you would like to encourage users to rate and review it.

This helps your ranking hugely.

Just take care to not send users a notification to rate or review it ahead of time.

How will somebody provides a realistic review if they’ve solely had it on their phone for associate hour or two?

They can’t.

Make sure the outline focuses on all the benefits of your app similarly.

Include some info concerning your company.

Use friendly words and short sentences therefore you don’t confuse users or flip them faraway from downloading it.


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